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At Curo, we embody the ethos of “Your Brand, Our Responsibility.” Formerly SignPrint Australia, we’ve rebranded to redefine our commitment to seamless brand application.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions is crafted to elevate your brand consistently across diverse assets. From ensuring compliance with brand guidelines to conducting comprehensive audits, we deliver with precision and care. Whether it’s optimizing brand visibility on diverse assets or streamlining your brand’s application process, Curo is your dedicated partner, committed to excellence in the hire industry.

Our nationwide print and installation capabilities, coupled with a keen focus on compliance and uniformity, ensure your brand message resonates powerfully. Beyond products, we provide a holistic BrandBase Platform, simplifying the ordering process and enhancing control over branding, safety, and compliance markings.

Trust Curo as your dedicated partner, where Your Brand is not just a statement but a responsibility we ardently embrace, ensuring lasting impressions and brand excellence.

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Brand application

At Curo, brand application is our forte, driven by extensive industry experience since the 1970s. We discern what makes projects succeed, embodying this insight in our tagline, “Your Brand, Our Responsibility.” Our commitment goes beyond transactions; we genuinely care about brand application. Transparency is key; no shortcuts, no hidden facts – just optimal outcomes. Clients return because we not only meet but exceed expectations. Brand application encompasses many touchpoints and we specialise in asset branding (equipment, fleet and buildings), compliance markings (tags, safety signage and stickers) and stationery (log books, agreement forms and dockets).

Asset Markings

Asset markings are pivotal in the hire industry for several reasons. Stickers, signage, compliance plates, and branding on buildings, vehicle fleets, and machinery ensure consistent and identifiable visual representation. Beyond branding, these markings play a crucial role in compliance, facilitating easy identification and adherence to industry standards. Uniformity in colour and appearance not only strengthens brand recognition but also instils confidence in clients. In the hire industry uniformity is paramount and correct asset markings contribute to operational efficiency, regulatory adherence, and a professional, cohesive brand image across buildings, fleets, and equipment.

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The BrandBase Platform revolutionises procurement by offering a swift and user-friendly ordering experience. With fixed pricing, any team member can effortlessly manage orders. Centralising all branding, safety, and compliance markings in one accessible library ensures efficiency. Enjoy visibility into past transactions, benefit from next-day dispatch with no minimum orders, and achieve national uniformity across sites. By consolidating with a single supplier and contract pricing, the platform reins in expenses, mitigates stockouts, and eliminates the risk of extended lead times. BrandBase is the ultimate solution for streamlined, cost-effective, and standardised branding and compliance management across diverse locations.

Brand audits

Curo’s Brand Audit service ensures brand cohesion and compliance across clients’ assets—buildings, equipment, and vehicle fleets. Following brand guidelines, our seasoned team evaluates brand application, delivering a comprehensive report. With an emphasis on uniformity and consistency, the audit highlights areas of alignment and offers a roadmap for achieving full compliance. This service, grounded in our industry experience, empowers companies to fortify their brand image, fostering a unified and consistent visual identity across diverse assets and locations, ultimately enhancing brand effectiveness and recognition.


An ordering platform for your custom products

Get control of all your branding, safety and compliance markings by having them all in one place. The BrandBase platform makes ordering fast and simple, having fixed pricing allows you to delegate ordering to anyone on your team.

Your Trusted Team, from Insight to Installation

Your brand is our responsibility! Drawing on our 40 years in the industry you can rely on us to specify the correct signage for your particular application. As the manufacturers, we maintain full production control, ensuring the guaranteed performance of our products.

24 Hour

Your stickers and equipment makings will never hold you up again. The BrandBase platform will enable iron grip control and next day dispatch.

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