There is more to stickers than meets the eye. The stickers we chose to make available on this site are a middle range product to suit most applications. 

Let me explain the various layers of the sticker:

Adhesive: the adhesive is available in different strengths for various substrates, for example plastics, powder-coated surfaces and fabric requires a more aggressive adhesive than required for glass and painted surfaces. Some adhesives are channeled for bubble free application.

Vinyl: the grade of vinyl varies affecting the longevity and conformability. 

Ink: Inks are either solvent based or water based and have varying colorfast qualities (fading). Screen printing deposits considerably more ink than digital printing but is only viable in large sticker quantities (20m2+).

Laminates: Laminates are not used on all stickers as it adds extra cost, but is used to reduce fading and protect the ink from scratching off. As with everything else there are a range of grades and thickness of laminates to prolong the life of your sticker.

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