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Dry vs Wet sticker application. Which one should you choose?

Have you ever had trouble installing stickers? Maybe you are applying the stickers using the wrong method. People are often a bit surprised to learn that there is more than one method of sticker application, Different application method tends to have different strengths hence it is best to understand this difference so you can optimise […]

Stickers vs paint stencils. Which one if the better option?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QsDZQmVFgc Stickers vs Paint Stencils an honest comparison. Are you having trouble choosing between stickers or paint stencils for your labelling and marking needs? Do you want to choose the cost effective option but don’t know if the difference in quality if worth it? Don’t worry as Signprint is here to help you decide. Over the […]

Screen printing vs Digital printing, an honest review.

Experiencing difficulties choosing between the different printing methods for your project? Do you want to understand the difference between Screen Printing and Digital printing? When it comes to printing techniques, each produces results that are unique and cannot be easily replicated by another technique, hence it is ideal to understand the different printing technique and […]

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