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Top 3 methods to remove stickers without damaging the surface

Are you looking to remove stickers from your car, wall, or any surface without damaging the paint? Does the sticker leave behind hard-to-remove residue? The removal of these stickers, especially high-tack stickers, can be rather difficult and frustrating as the paint can be ripped and damaged if not done properly. Over the years at Signprint, […]

How to be consistent with your brand colour using the Pantone system?

Having a difficult time coordinating your brand colour? If you have ever dealt with signage, then you know that one of the most difficult tasks that clients come across is communicating the correct colour to the designer and getting the final product right. This is difficult because most clients are unfamiliar with the technical side […]

How to prevent stickers from peeling off?

Are you frustrated by your stickers peeling or falling off prematurely? This is a common issue most people face when dealing with stickers, an issue that is caused by multiple factors such as temperature, surface, sticker material and more. For 40 years Signprint has been in the decal and sticker industry supplying to various industries […]

Easy steps to correctly apply transfer stickers.

What are transfer stickers? Over the years our customers have asked us for stickers “with no background” or stickers that are cut to a specific shape. They often seem to not know what these stickers are called or how to apply them correctly leading to failure and frustration. These stickers are called transfer stickers and this […]

What is the best sticker to use on a 240L bin?

The most common bin that you will find in Australian neighbourhoods is the standard 240L wheelie bin. As it is a plastic bin, you will always need to use a high-tack adhesive sticker. The standard 240L plastic wheelie bin belongs to a group of low surface energy (LSE) plastics because it is made from vinyl, […]

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