What is the best sticker to use on a 240L bin?

The most common bin that you will find in Australian neighbourhoods is the standard 240L wheelie bin. As it is a plastic bin, you will always need to use a high-tack adhesive sticker.

The standard 240L plastic wheelie bin belongs to a group of low surface energy (LSE) plastics because it is made from vinyl, polyethylene and polystyrene materials which means it is a plastic that is not easily bonded with conventional adhesives. Without using a high-tack adhesive, the sticker will simply peel off with rain and any major differences in temperature.

What is a high-tack adhesive?

High-tack is a universal bonding adhesive that is able to be used on many building materials including mirrors and glass, stone, concrete, ceramics, enamel and plastic. This type of adhesive is designed to create an immediate bond between a label and surface that continues to strengthen into a strong permanent bond that will not allow for the label to be removed. Free of isocyanates, phthalates, solvents and silicones, it is completely weatherproof and shrink-free.

What is the best SIZE of sticker to use on a 240L wheelie bin?

SignPrint recommends that the best size of sticker for a 240L wheelie bin is 300mm across x 400mm down. This sizing ensures that the sticker is easy to read and well presented, however we offer bin stickers in all different shapes and sizes as everything we create here is completely customisable. We can design and create your decals to show whatever you need in whichever size you require, and your message will be printed with superior quality and durability to stand against harsh UV rays and changing weather conditions.

What is the best QUANTITY to order high-tack adhesive bin stickers in?

If you order 10,20 or 50 stickers, it’s a very similar total price. Buying stickers in larger volumes will always mean that you are saving money on each sticker that you order. If you only need 20 stickers, that is a different story but if you are ordering 50 stickers each time and going through them quickly, knowing that you will need 1000 stickers within a year, it is best to move the quantity up as there is always significant savings when purchasing stickers in larger volumes. For example, one sticker might cost $20, whereas 1000 stickers might cost 50 cents each.

View our product catalogue here to view a range of product options, and contact us at sales@signprintaustralia.com.au to book in a discovery meeting so we can understand the best way to meet your needs.

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