What are high tack stickers?

What are High-Tack Stickers?

Are you looking for stronger stickers that wont peel or fall off? or maybe they are not adhering onto the surface? This is an issue that our clients come to use with, they often request for stickers that “last forever” or are “permanent”, of course no sticker lasts forever but for those looking to get close we always recommend our high tack vinyl stickers.

These stickers are the preferred option for our clients in the waste and hire industry, as they require durable sticker that won’t fall off and can withstand the harsh working environment.

Defining “Tack”, what is it?

Tack is a property of a material that allows it to stick to a surface when it is in liquid form. Essentially it is the strength of the bond formed between the adhesive and the surface.

When a sticker is categorised based on adhesion strength then it is generally categorised into two group, “high tack stickers” and normal tack stickers, with the high tack sticker having a stronger adhesion and the ability to stick to more porous and rough surfaces than normal tack stickers.


 Stickers have varying levels of adhesion depending on the sticker’s purpose, intended lifespan, and the surface it is applied to. High-tack stickers have the highest adhesive strength, these stickers do not peel as easily and they can instantly form a strong bond with any surface.

The high adhesion strength means that the stickers is also much harder to remove and comes with its own disadvantages while is discussed below.

The strength of the tack is calculated by the force required to peel the sticker off, while standard adhesives have a strength less than 19 N/25mm (1”), high-tack stickers have an adhesive strength of 29 N/25mm (1”) and upwards.

Instant and Ultimate Tack.

 When applying a sticker to a surface the adhesion goes through two stages with different adhesion strength These two stages of tack are called instant and ultimate tack. The adhesion bond strengthens the longer the sticker is in contact with the surface.

Instant: When the sticker is first applied the strength of the initial bond formed by the adhesion is called instant adhesion or instant tack. This high instant tack makes it harder to remove or reposition the sticker once applied.

Ultimate: When the sticker is applied and given time to rest the adhesion hardens, strengthening the bond with the surface, this is called ultimate adhesion or ultimate tack.

High tack stickers generally have high instant and ultimate tack.

Strengths of high tack stickers.

 One of the biggest strengths of high tack stickers is its ability to adhere to any surface and not come off unless intentionally removed using equipment and adhesive removing solvents.

When applying a normal tack sticker on a porous or rough surface the adhesive flows into the cracks, crevices and holes, preventing the adhesion from properly bonding with then surface, but high tacks stickers have much thicker and stronger adhesive which from a strong initial tack preventing the adhesive from falling off.

High tack adds to the longevity of the sticker as the adhesive does not degrade or fail as quickly as normal adhesive. Usually, a sticker’s ink and image degrade and fade before the adhesive.

Weaknesses of high tack Stickers.

High tack stickers are harder to apply as the initial tack prevents the sticker from being repositioned, hence allowing no room for mistakes. Using the wet application method for applying high tack sticker prevents the initial bond from forming instantly and allows for the repositioning of the sticker.

High tack stickers are much harder to remove and require the assistance of machines or solvents and often times leave behind residue. The older the sticker the stronger the adhesive bond.

Attempting to remove high tack sticker from surfaces such as the bonnet of a car or a painted wall can result in the surface and the paint getting damaged. It is best to let a professional help you.

Are high tack stickers for you?

High tack stickers are not always the answer, the use of high tack stickers depends on various other factors like the surface type, the purpose of the sticker, and so on as mentioned above. The decision to use high tack must be made with care.

High tack sticker is a good choice if

  • You are looking for a “permanent” or longer lasting sticker
  • Your normal sticker is having difficulty adhering to a surface type
  • You are applying the sticker on a surface with limited access and cannot easily maintain or replace the sticker.
  • You are expecting the sticker to be exposed to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals.

Our clients in the waste industry tend to apply these high tack stickers onto wheelie bins, which are handled roughly, exposed to harsh conditions, and has a low energy surface (plastic) that prevents normal stickers from adhering properly. This should provide give you an idea of the durability of high tack stickers.

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