Top 10 popular external signage.

Are you looking to advertise your brand? Do you want to reach customers and clients but just don’t know how? Then consider using signage and stickers as they not only help to create the brand identity and beautify your business, but also advertise it.

Throughout the years Signprint has dealt and worked with all types of external signs and we understand how confusing it is to choose the correct type of signage, therefore this article aims to simply this buying process by discussing the various types of external signage, the composition, and their uses.


Signage refers to a group or bunch of signs, but it is also defined as the use of designs or symbols on a surface that aims to communicate or deliver a message. Street signs that help mark locations, give directions, or provide warning are one such example.


 There are numerous types of external signages ranging from tall pylon signs to cost effective fascia signs which are chosen for their specific uses and strengths. A-boards and banner signs are popular with mobile businesses while LED signs can be ideal for business that open during late hours. Some signage mentioned can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.


These are also called freestanding signs and can be seen on roads and most outdoor areas. These signs are mounted onto one or more poles, they are single or double sided and used for various reasons such as advertising a brand, providing direction, and marking a location. These signs are tall, visible from afar and can be illuminated from either side hence can they reach potential clients from a distance.

Las Vegas Signage
One of the most famous pylon signage is the iconic Las Vegas landmark.


The board on the sign can be easily replaced, the sign itself requires minimum maintenance and a single sign can be used to advertise multiple brands and businesses, but these signs are expensive due to their size. This is a good option for big companies or businesses, petrol stations, shopping centres etc but it may not be the choice for smaller or more mobile businesses due to the cost and lack of mobility.



One of the most cost-effective options for short term usage, banners are printed on vinyl and fabric materials, come in varying sizes and last up to 5 years. They are easy to mount onto a surface and can be moved around, making it an ideal choice for mobile businesses or events.

Banner Signs can be a cheap substitute to billboards and pylon signs, it is often used as a temporary substitute until the installation of a permanent signage. These sings are ideal for temporary events and pop-up businesses.



Billboards are one of the biggest and dominating types of signs. These large structures can easily reach people from far and be illuminated using multiple lights installed at around the edges of the board.

Billboards are great for advertisement


Billboards are an expensive and popular advertisement choice for most major companies and business due to their size, range, and proven ability to bring in customers. This type of signage can only be seen outdoors and is ideal for bigger companies and businesses rather than smaller businesses.



These outdoor signs are freestanding, inexpensive and easy to move due to their small size. A-frame signs are called so due to the shape of the frame, which looks like the letter “A”. These signs are often used by small shops, restaurant, café, and other such businesses to promote their brand or a certain product. These frames are highly customisable, effective on close distance customers and highly mobile due to their light weight.

A-frame signage are highly mobile and customisable.



Window graphics are thin, flexible, self-adhesive vinyl that is applied onto the windows, storefront, or glass doors for advertisement or for the purpose of cosmetics. These signs are inexpensive and easy to install, some use material that make it more durable resistant to water or heat.

Window graphics are ideal for business of all types and sizes, although a big window facing the road, or a glass surface that is visible to the customers is necessary. Applying window graphics can be tricky and it is best to use the wet method for easy application. You can learn more about this technique here.


These are 3 dimensional letters that are individually cut and made from aluminium, PVC, and acrylic.

There are two types of letter signs “Dimensional”, and “Channel” letters.

Dimensional Letter
Dimensional Letter Signage


The Channel letters are illuminated with either LED’s or neon’s while the dimensional letters are not, this means the dimensional letters are more durable and require less maintenance due to the lack of wire and lighting. Both the types can be mounted onto a wall and are often seen above the entrance of a building. These signs are good for internal as well as external usage.

Channel Letter Signage / Illuminated Signs


The letters are usually big, ranging from around 10cm to several meters in height, and each letter can be replaced if damaged instead of replacing the entire sign. The installation takes much longer due to the need to install each letter individually.

Channel letters are illuminated and look more attractive, but the dimensional letters give the business a classy look.



These are newer type of signs which use a LED or other types of screens to display videos, photos, company logo, adverts and more. The images can be easily changed to serve a different function with some digital signs also being interactive.

Digital Signs are eye catching and very attractive, but they are not as durable as traditional signage due to the use of multiple interconnected components. Digital signage is expensive as it includes the signage itself, the installation, the media player, and the licensing fee for the software.

Digital signage have become a popular option in various major cities.


Digital signs can be found both indoors and outdoors, but it is more effective indoors where it is sheltered from the weather and other elements.



As the name suggests, a reader board is a type of signage with interchangeable letters that are used to form words or sentences that convey crucial information pertaining to the company or organisation. Reader boards come in digital forms as well with electronically changing text and numbers.

Traditional reader boards are cheaper and durable than digital reader boards while digital reader boards are much more eye catching and attractive than traditional reader boards along with being more customise able. Reader boards can be found indoors as well as outdoors.



These are large freestanding signs that are generally low to the ground. They are mounted onto wooden or metal posts, solid concrete base, beams and pillars made from varying materials. Monument signs are often located near the entrance and bear the name of the company, organisation, location, or the name of a person. Unlike pylon signs most monuments signs are no taller than 2 meters as it does not aim to attract people from a distance.

Monument Signage
Monuments are generally built low to the ground.


Monument signs are often paired with other features or structures such as fountains, bushes etc, it can also be illuminated with the use of LED lights. Monument sign can be made up of various materials, come in different shapes and highly resistant to weather. This type of signage is only found outdoors.



With such a variety in signage available for external use you can take your pick of the ideal signage for your business. It is ideal to consider all the various factors that might influence the effectiveness of the signage, as it minimises cost and maximises the effectiveness of signage. If you have decided and want to request a quote or are still unable to decide, then don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone, and our sales team will help you with this important decision. You can find our contact info here.  

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