Why signs fade and how to prevent it?

Are your signs fading and you need a solution? We’re here to help!

The harsh UV rays from the sunlight are what cause signage to fade, specifically, the photons in the sunlight break down the molecules in the colour pigments of the ink. Sign printing happens through either a screen process or a digital print process with a variety of different inks, and these different inks all have varying degrees of resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Unfortunately, any uncoated print will fade over time.

 How do I prevent a sign from fading?

To protect the print on your sign from the sun’s UV rays, the key it to give it a strong and protective barrier. To do this, an overcoat must be applied in the form of a liquid or laminate film. This will prevent the UV rays from reaching the print and protect the colour of your signage. The less UV rays hitting the print, the longer the colour is going to last.

Which type of barrier is best, a liquid coating or a clear laminate film?

There is no right or wrong, it all depends on following factors. You need to consider:

  • The substrate that the barrier will be applied to – is it a flexible or rigid surface?
  • The longevity of the project – how long does this signage need to last?
  • Does it require abrasion resistance or scuff resistance?
  • Your budget – You should ask yourself, can I afford to put the most expensive coat on this, will it be worth doing for the length of time that this signage is required to last?

To learn how to extend the life of your existing signage or if you would like to order fade-resistant signs, stickers and decals from SignPrint Australia, contact our team on 1300 627 548 or email sales@signprintaustralia.com.au

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